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Frequently Asked Questions

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Do you only provide balloon decoration services?

Yes. We are strictly a balloon décor company. We tailor the balloon décor to match your color scheme, to give your event or space “personality”.

What areas do you service?

Our office is located in Charlotte, NC and we provide balloon decoration services in North Carolina and its surrounding areas.

How long do balloons last?

A standard 11″ helium-filled, latex balloon typically has around an 18-hour lifespan, however an air-filled balloon can last for days, even weeks, given the right circumstances. Mylar (foil) balloons normally last three to seven days. Your larger balloons will last longer than standard-sized balloons.

Can I keep the balloon after the event?

With the exception of prop rentals/stands, you are more than welcome to keep the balloons for yourself! Please note that clients are responsible for the teardown and transport of the balloons post-event.

More Than Balloons, We Present Joy And Happiness.

We want to make our clients’ special moments truly special with the perfect selection of high-quality balloons for every event.

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